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Step 1: Content Strategy

Outsourced content marketing is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an outside perspective or want to tap into a layer of expertise that you may not have internally. It’s also a great option if you are a smaller company without the resources to add a whole content marketing department.

Drawing on over two decades of professional content development, we identify your biggest opportunities based on a SEO and content audit. Combined with your organizational goals, it becomes your roadmap to success.

Armed with data and your unique insight, we create a strategy that drives traffic from great content, written about terms that people are actually searching for. Done properly, this lowers your need for search advertising. And that’s what we’re here for.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

content strategy

Step 2: Content Production

​There are writers and then there are storytellers. Sometimes you need a fresh voice, a different opinion or a unique story angle. This is what Ink Slingers delivers.

From high-quality blog posts, gated content, shareable infographics and social media posts, we’re a one-stop shop. With a sharpened focus from trained wordsmiths and brilliant designers, you’re ready to start accepting new customers.

Our highly skilled team includes over two dozen professional travel writers who are true masters of their craft. Along with seasoned editors and production artists, we ensure a timely delivery of your message so you reach prospective travelers when it matters most.

And while we’re doing the heavy lifting, you’re always in the loop thanks to reporting tools and digital proofing.

Bring your content up a notch.

content strategy

Step 3: Content Delivery

It’s not just about writing, it’s about how well it’s written. It’s not about publishing, it’s about how well it’s found online.

Created to rank in SERPs, both on your website and across your social channels, your content flows seamlessly across the internet.

We’ll raise your voice across the channels that matter most to you.

Expect more quality traffic.

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Package Details


Special Offer

Ink Slingers has two exceptional programs, each designed to provide our clients maximum content results. The only difference is the amount of content that’s delivered to the client. Either way, the cost of utilizing Ink Slingers can be less that even a part-time employee.

Our contracts are based on a three-month time period during which you will receive:

  • Your content plan.
  • Between 18 to 26 content pieces (depending upon your package level).
  • Your end-of-term evaluation and recommendations report.
  • The decision to continue the contract is made.

Regardless of the package, we are offering an Introduction to Ink Slingers Package through December 2020. This “Introductory Offer” includes a discounted first month of your contract and two SEO driven content pieces.

Your Content is Your Voice. We Can Make it Sing.

Our storytellers and strategists are an extension of your team.

Whatever the size of your operation, we know how quickly a to-do list can grow, especially concerning content creation. That’s where we come in. As experts in SEO-based travel writing, we can take some of that burden off your team and let you focus on other matters.

Whether you want to grow your audience, brand awareness or engagement, Ink Slingers can help you achieve your goals.

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